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Emsculpt NEO Body Toning

Emsculpt NEO is a body sculpting, non-invasive technology that builds muscle and burns fat. It forces targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes via high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. Simultaneously, radiofrequency (RF) energy disrupts the fat cells, forcing them to break down so that the body can metabolize and expel them. Emsculpt NEO is like performing 20,000 perfect bicep curls, sit-ups, or squats in half an hour as RF targets stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise. You can use Emsculpt NEO on all of the major muscle groups you typically try to target in the gym, including the glutes, abs, biceps, triceps, and calves. An added benefit of Emsculpt NEO is that you can truly target muscles to get the results you want instead of “accidentally” bulking up assister muscles where you might not want to see any growth. For instance, many clients want a bigger, more toned booty but not the “thunder thighs” that can go with it when you hit the gym.

Anyone who has tried to get “gains” through typical strength training knows how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. There are also inherent risks associated with continued strength training because sometimes there’s a fine line between the weight that a muscle needs to be strengthened and the amount needed to be torn. Emsculpt NEO removes all of the frustrations and risks of strength training while giving you the results you want—more muscle and less fat—without you having to lift a finger (or a dumbbell). It is impossible to exclusively target muscles like the glutes at the gym, since lunges and squats require a number of assister muscles in the core and legs in order to perform these exercises.

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Building Strong Muscles and Reducing Fat

Strong, toned muscles serve two functions. They protect our bones while increasing our physical fitness and they also serve an aesthetic function. However, building muscles and targeting key muscles takes a lot of time, work, and oftentimes expenses (since feeding muscles high-quality proteins on a daily basis is a costly undertaking). That is why Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care offers Emsculpt NEO, a revolutionary technology that is completely non-invasive. Emsculpt NEO contours and sculpts specific muscles, resulting in hypertrophy (the enlargement of muscles) while burning away fat with RF energy.

Some benefits of Emsculpt NEO include:

  • Strengthens, enlarges, and tones only the muscles you want
  • Reduces Diastasis Recti
  • Sculpts the body by targeting stubborn fat
  • Builds muscle and burns fat at the same time—unlike at the gym where these two goals are exclusive
  • Back pain reduction (Yes- Emsculpt NEO strengthens your core, therefore strengthening your back!)
  • Visceral fat reduction
  • Enjoy short 20-30-minute sessions per treatment site
  • Once all initial treatments are complete, maintenance sessions are only necessary every 3-4 months
  • Get all of the benefits of strengthened muscles without breaking a sweat
  • No incisions, needles, or downtime

Emsculpt NEO is comfortable and many clients scroll through their phone or catch up on an audiobook while undergoing their treatment. The sensation of Emsculpt NEO can feel a little strange during your first treatment since your muscles are truly performing supramaximal contractions as if you are performing strength training moves and RF energy is breaking up fat. It’s important to still “feed” your muscles protein after an Emsculpt NEO session just like you would after a session at the gym. It is also normal to feel sore or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in the days following an Emsculpt NEO session. Remember, your muscles really have performed the equivalent to 20,000 strength moves, even though you never broke a sweat.

Supramaximal Contractions

Your muscles don’t know if they are performing supramaximal contractions due to Emsculpt NEO or a traditional strength training routine, so the results are identical. However, nobody can perform 20,000 flawless strength training moves consecutively, let alone in 30 minutes. That’s why you don’t need a large number of initial sessions in order to see fantastic results. The exact number of sessions you’ll require will vary based on your body and goals, but typically 6 Emsculpt NEO treatments spaced 2-3 days apart per site is the average.

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How Emsculpt NEO Builds Bigger Muscles

Muscles undergo hypertrophy when just the right amount of stress is placed on them. This is traditionally performed with strength training exercises, such as lifting weights. Ideal amounts of stress cause micro-tears in the muscles, which tells our muscles they need to repair themselves by getting bigger and stronger in order to sustain that level of stress in the future. The repair process requires protein, and ultimately it is the repair of muscular tissue that leads to stronger muscles and a pleasing look.

By Shawn R., Real Patient Review* -

“The quality of the work is premium, but pictures are worth 1K words, so you’re better off checking them on the site. If you like them, know that you’ll have great interactions as well.”

By Lucy J., Real Patient Review* -

“I have been to Palo Alto laser and skin care a few times. I feel like family now and feel lucky to have found this place!!!!! I will keep coming back!”

By Lucy J., Real Patient Review* -

“I have been to Palo Alto laser and skin care a few times. I feel like family now and feel lucky to have found this place!!!!! I will keep coming back!”

By Shawn R., Real Patient Review* -

“The quality of the work is premium, but pictures are worth 1K words, so you’re better off checking them on the site. If you like them, know that you’ll have great interactions as well.”

How Emsculpt NEO Burns Fat

While the HIFEM technology goes to work building muscles, RF energy is being delivered to the same site. This is a well-known technique for targeting small, stubborn amounts of fat that don’t seem to budge with diet and exercise alone. When fat cells are destroyed with RF, they break down before being absorbed and expelled by the body in the days and weeks following the treatment. Results from Emsculpt NEO are not immediate, neither muscle-building or fat-burning, since muscles take time to grow and RF-blasted fat takes time to be metabolized. You’ll start to see initial results about one month after your first treatment.

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FAQs About Emsculpt Body Toning

What are the contraindications for Emsculpt NEO?2023-05-26T06:12:00-07:00

Patients that have electrical implantable devices like a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, patients with copper IUD (Mirena is OK), or any other metal implants in the treatment area not candidates for this treatment.

What can I do to maximize the Emsculpt NEO treatment results?2023-05-26T06:11:28-07:00

It is very important to be well hydrated before an Emsculpt NEO treatment, just like it is when your workout in the gym. Well hydrated muscles perform better, poorly hydrated muscles will cramp up and you will not be getting an optimal treatment or results. So, remember to drink water, not coffee, before your treatment.

What exactly are supramaximal contractions with Emsculpt NEO?2023-05-26T06:13:38-07:00

Supramaximal contractions are the type of high-tension muscle contractions necessary to achieve optimal muscle growth. These contractions go beyond the highest amount of tension the muscles can manage on their own.

What if I want toned muscles, not bigger muscles with Emsculpt NEO?2023-05-26T06:12:10-07:00

Although the term “toned” is commonly used to refer to muscles, it is not actually a muscular state. Toned muscles typically refers to muscles that are strengthened combined with a low enough body fat to have those muscles show. It’s very possible to have strong muscles while also carrying excess fat, which means those muscles are not visible. This is why it’s so common to pair Emsculpt NEO with an additional body sculpting treatment like CoolSculpting or Vanquish Me to further reduce excess fat. Many women worry that they will get “too big” when they focus on muscular growth—don’t worry. Your hormones will prevent too much bulking, so you can engage in strength training or Emsculpt NEO with peace of mind.

How quickly will I see Emsculpt NEO results?2023-05-26T06:12:21-07:00

Results from Emsculpt NEO are not immediate, just like results from the gym are not. It takes muscles time to repair and grow after a strength training session or Emsculpt NEO session. Clients typically start to see results a few weeks after their initial treatment with full results 6-8 weeks after the final treatment.