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Researchers Call Emsculpt “Revolutionary”

Researchers Call Emsculpt “Revolutionary” | Palo Alto Laser

Celebrities and non-celebs alike quickly flocked to Emsculpt when it debuted in 2019. It is now one of the most popular non-invasive treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care thanks to its ability to build muscle mass in just 30 minutes per treatment. A recent study took a look at what happens during a single session of Emsculpt (although most clients are recommended to have 4 – 6 initial treatments spaced about one month apart for optimal results). The team found that by providing HIFEM energy just once through the single Emsculpt applicator, a lot happens below the surface. According to the lead investigator, Robert Weiss, MD, “muscle contractions increases activation of proteins stimulating muscle synthesis and enhances the hypertrophic effect.” In other words, you’re getting a lot more muscle building with Emsculpt than anything you can achieve in the gym.

This is not the first study on the Emsculpt technology. In fact, there have been many clinical studies that show superior results when compared to any other standalone or even consecutive treatment regimens. Dr. Weiss says these finding place Emsculpt “far ahead of any devices currently used for body contouring.” HIFEM technology, which is at the core of Emsculpt, uses alternating magnetic fields in order to force supramaximal contractions in targeted muscles. This is done via nerve pathway stimulation without needing to elevate temperatures. These HIFEM-induced contractions are greater than any other voluntary contraction you might be able to achieve at the gym because of the specified stimulation frequencies and patterns. Still, there are some similarities between Emsculpt and gym workouts.

Taking Muscle-Building to the Next Level

Repetitions are going to lead to a tissue healing response whether you undergo Emsculpt or a committed gym routine. Emsculpt is different because it forces muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. That’s identical to performing 20,000 perfect and consecutive lunges, squats, curls, or other such move—which simply can’t be done by anyone (and especially not in 30 minutes). This is how “repetition” is similar between these two approaches. The tissue healing that your body will undergo will, in turn and time, lead to more muscle mass thanks to amplified muscle fibers.

When these contractions are due to HIFEM, the response is stronger and leads to more muscle hypertrophy (growth). During such intense contractions, muscles are continuously stretched and then relaxed. It’s like resistance exercises, but much more intense. The muscle workload with Emsculpt results in “sufficient intensity [for] micro-ruptures in muscle fibers” according to the study. This signals molecules to release and activate the natural regenerative process of muscle growth. In other words, the muscles “learn” to get stronger so they are more prepared for future similar loads. Part of the signaling molecules include heat shock proteins, or HSPs, which are critical for hypertrophy and encouraging muscle protein synthesis.

Is Emsculpt the Right Choice for You?

The researchers concluded that Emsculpt “represents a breakthrough approach to non-surgical body shaping.” It is suitable for nearly everyone, from highly sedentary high-BMI people to elite athletes. They call the technology “a new class of device far ahead of any device currently in the marketplace for body contouring…treatments are faster, safer and more effective than ever before.” Whether you are getting ready to start or restart a fitness regimen or take your current high-level fitness to the next stage, Emsculpt can help you get there. Even one session ensures incredible progress, but a series of sessions can set you up with a solid foundation for success.

It is commonly recommended that, following your initial series of sessions, maintenance sessions are undertaken every six months to help sustain results. You can get Emsculpt virtually anywhere on the body you typically want “gains” and strength, from the back to abs or the upper arms and legs. Back-to-back Emsculpt treatments on various body parts can be booked so you can compound your treatment time. Consultations are complimentary on all treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, so book yours today. Call the clinic during office hours or, for the quickest response, complete the online contact form now.

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