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Thermage FLX Skin Tightening

Using Thermage FLX to treat Signs of “Tech Neck”

Using Thermage FLX to treat Signs of “Tech Neck” | Palo Alto Laser

According to a 2019 report in Practical Dermatology, Thermage FLX can be an effective first step in treating “tech neck.” However, an alternative that yields similar results is Thermage FLX, which is a non-invasive treatment available at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. The term “tech neck” is used to describe excessive lines, wrinkles, laxity, and banding of the neck due to routinely looking down at our tech devices. The beauty of Thermage FLX is that it can be used anywhere on the face or body that needs skin toning and tightening.

Research has found that tech attachment is starting at younger and younger ages, and this is starting to show in our skin. In fact, one report shows the average American spends 5.9 hours each day with digital media engagement. Furthermore, it estimated that we check our phones 46 times every day, and that figure is double for young people aged 18 – 24. When we are always bending our necks downward, we increase our chance of getting more wrinkles earlier. Those under the age of 35 are especially prone to early aging in this area, but there are solutions available.

Step 1: Thermage FLX

Using radio-frequency, the mechanism behind Thermage FLX, can be your first best step in tech neck treatment. Applying this energy below the skin signals the body to produce more collagen, which is the body’s fountain of youth. Unfortunately, collagen production decreases with age but thanks to technologies like Themarge FLX, we can tell the body to produce more in the areas that need it most. The result is younger-looking skin and less visible or complete elimination of lines and wrinkles.

Your exact Thermage FLX protocol will vary based on your needs. However, results from this treatment last for years and it is possible to enjoy results without needing a maintenance session. The experience can be uncomfortable for some, which is why a topical numbing agent can be applied 45 minutes prior to your treatment. With this topical, clients describe the process as tolerable. One of the biggest perks of Thermage FLX is that for many it is a one-and-done treatment with results that last several years. However, since it works from the inside out, results are not immediate. You may start to notice an improvement in tech neck signs after one month of your Thermage FLX treatment, but full results take 3–6 months.

Step 2: Botox

The second step in the recommended regimen is a neurotoxin injection, like Botox. This will relax the platysma muscles that cause the appearance of banding. Everyone is different, but on average 40 – 60 units are typically injected in a zig-zag pattern around this area of the neck. The neuromodulator most typically used for this is Botox, but there are also options like Dysport. On average, results from Botox injections last 3 – 6 months. It is considered minimally invasive due to the requirement of needles.

Step 3: Dermal Fillers

Finally, the third step is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler as the finishing touch. There are many HA fillers to choose from, and your injector will recommend the best one for you. It is injected into the horizontal neck rhytids in order to fill in lines and smooth out the neck. A microdroplet technique is recommended along the horizontal lines. Most clients require two syringes of HA filler. Ultra-fine needles can help to further minimize bruising and optimize patient comfort.

Getting Results You’ll Love

When it comes to minimally invasive treatments, like Botox and fillers, injector skill is paramount. Even though the results of Botox and fillers are temporary, typically lasting a few months, you deserve to have results that you will love during that period. Only trust a reputable and well-trained injector, such as those at our clinic, for all of your Botox and filler needs.

At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, we are committed to helping you achieve a look you’ll love. If you have tech neck or any unwanted lines and wrinkles, let’s collaborate to create a customized treatment plan just for you. Schedule your complimentary consultation today by calling the office during business hours or filling out the online contact form now.

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