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DIY Lip Fillers: The New Frightening TikTok Trend

DIY Lip Fillers: The New Frightening TikTok Trend | Palo Alto Laser

Going the DIY route has been a must for many since the onset of the pandemic, but there are some things you should only trust to a professional—like lip fillers. Dermal fillers have long been one of the most popular treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, where Zuzana Likar personally trains all injectors to the most exacting of standards. There are many choices for lip fillers, typically using hyaluronic acid, and lip fillers remain a staple when it comes to achieving your preferred aesthetic.

However, the DIY trend has gone too far, and social media likes and shares are feeding it. Hyaluronic pens, also known as at-home lip filler devices, are all over TikTok as users clamor for more followers and clout. When you get lip fillers at a reputable medical day spa, a needle injects HA directly into the lips. Contrarily, an HA pen is a “jet injector,” a mechanical device that doesn’t use any needles but creates so much pressure on the lip’s surface that HA is forced through the skin. It’s still an injection, but it uses pressure instead of a needle.

Why HA Pens are Trending

You might think that pressure strong enough to blast through your skin without a sharp object would hurt, but it surprisingly does not. That makes it even more deceptively appealing to those who are tempted to try it out. In fact, the technology behind jet injections stems from an invention for diabetics to be able to inject insulin into their skin without using needles. It was actually designed to be a less painful option for medically necessary injections, especially for people (like diabetics) who need numerous injections every day.

Of course, take a great invention and introduce it to social media, and it won’t take long before it runs off the tracks. Currently, there is no research that supports the safety or efficacy of DIY lip fillers. There is not a single peer-reviewed study. In fact, HA pens are not even FDA-approved in the United States. The only way for someone in the U.S. to get an HA pen is to illegally purchase it online. Many injectors, doctors, and emergency room providers are seeing an increase in patients who are struggling with seriously botched (and painful) results from using an HA pen.

A Safer Way to Plumper Lips

The Canadian Health Department recently released a warning against HA pens, citing “health risks.” According to doctors, these risks include skin reactions, permanent discoloration, disease transmission (yes, people really are sharing these pens), abscess formation, bacterial and fungal infections, and damage to the skin and blood vessels from the intense pressure.

Additionally, the damage caused by using HA pens may be irreversible. They are so relatively new and so under-studied that right now nobody knows the full spectrum of damage that might occur. In short, if you want fuller, enhanced lips, they are easy to achieve at a medical day spa with lip fillers.

Choosing the Right Injector for Lip Fillers in Palo Alto

Now that we have covered the dangers of HA pens, it’s time to turn our attention to proper lip fillers in Palo Alto. Not every injector is of the same caliber. For gorgeous, natural-looking results, only trust your lips to an expert injector who offers a wide variety of filler options. Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care is an established leader in dermal fillers, providing customized results that are safe—and that you’ll love.

For those who thought fuller lips were a trend, it seems that Kylie Jenner personified an aesthetic that we have been inching toward for years. Fuller lips aren’t going anywhere. They will remain a sign of beauty, for women and men alike, indefinitely. Fortunately, the technology available today is phenomenal with a number of manufacturers creating quick, comfortable, and safe means of achieving kissable lips.

If you’d like to learn more about our lip filler options or schedule a complimentary consultation, get in touch! Connect with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care by calling the office or, for the quickest reply, simply complete the online contact form.

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