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Lip Filler Trends to Watch

Lip Filler Trends to Watch | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a lip filler treatment takes place every 20 minutes in the U.S. and about 27,000 treatments happen in the country per year. These are record numbers, and Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care is committed to helping you achieve beautiful, natural-looking lip filler results. Since 2000, women in particular have demanded lip fillers at an increased rate that is 43 percent higher, and a fuller, poutier mouth is a request that isn’t going anywhere. However, just like with any trend, there are new techniques always popping up. Here are two you might want to try.

Traditional lip fillers are from known brands like Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse. However, the technique of the professional injecting the lip filler is just as important as the lip filler itself. We are much more than a Medical Day Spa, and skilled expert Zuzana Likar personally trains every injector to her high standards. This ensures a safe and successful lip filler treatment. We aim to give clients the look they want, and increasingly there have been queries about the new “Russian lips.”

From Russia, with Lips

Russian lips is a look that is trending on TikTok, and although it uses traditional lip fillers the technique is different. The goal of Russian lips is to achieve a fuller look by injecting more of the filler into the center of the lips, ideally in a heart-like shape—just like a Russian doll. There is more overall height to the lips than plumpness, and while there is nothing inherently dangerous about this approach it must be administered by a highly skilled injector.

A reputable injector can provide a customized look that still complements your natural facial structure. Russian lips are achieved by injecting the lip filler vertically, beginning at the lip base and then fanning outwards to the lip border. In non-Russian lip cases, lip fillers are designed to fix a volume deficit, but this latest technique is much more complicated. Injecting a filler vertically and then drawing it outward is a highly skilled approach and a keen expertise of the anatomy of the lips is critical. This “inside out” approach is the opposite of a traditional approach, so make sure you only work with an experienced injector if you’re interested in this look—or any stunning lip filler result.

Russian lips last just as long as traditional fillers since they are using traditional fillers. Appointments can take up to an hour, which is a bit longer, but they do require more finesse and expertise.

The Lip Flip

Another newer approach to beautiful lips is the “lip flip.” This is a quick, ten-minute treatment designed for those who want to take a break from lip fillers and depend on the tried-and-true Botox. How can Botox deliver plumper, more youthful lips? By injecting the neuromodulator on the outer corner of the lips. The final result is a flip of the lips up and out, offering a very natural-looking fuller lip and pout. It’s also a great way to reduce the amount of gum that shows when you smile, which tends to increase as we age and lose natural volume in the lips.

The lip flip is, of course, not permanent. It’s Botox, so it will last 4 – 6 months on average, the same as if you had Botox in any other part of the face or body. It’s a great way to try out a new look, and many lip filler fans love to test out this different approach to a bigger pout.

Your Lip Consultation

If you’re new to lip fillers or want to try out a new technique, it’s paramount that you work with only the absolute best. Otherwise, the risks for side effects and even permanent damage increase. Begin your journey with a complimentary consultation where you will get a customized recommendation for your lip goals. Learn about the various families of lip fillers, the benefits of each, and even try out a new look or choose a longer solution when you’re certain you know what you want.

Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care is home to the most skilled injectors as well as the most effective and trusted dermal fillers. Schedule your complimentary consultation today for lip fillers and other treatments.

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