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HydraFacials Give You Summer Skin

A HydraFacial is much more than a facial, and has quickly become one of the most popular treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. The patented three-step process ensures a luscious pampering in just 30 minutes. It is suitable for all skin types and makes a perfect treat for yourself—or the dad or grad in your life. First, the skin is prepped with a deep clean. Next, skin is exfoliated to clean out the pores and remove dead skin cells from the surface. Finally, the skin is hydrated with a customized blend of serums using only medical-grade skin care products.

A HydraFacial is gentle and there is no downtime. In fact, it’s commonly used the day of special events because it makes the skin glow and even preps it for flawless makeup application. A HydraFacial is so gentle that it can be performed once a month (or even more often than that!). What makes HydraFacial different than other facials is the process. A facial in and of itself is fantastic, but without proper cleansing and exfoliation you lose a lot of the power of serums, lotions, and creams.

The Power of a HydraFacial

When the skin is not deeply cleansed and if the pores are clogged, there’s only so much a facial can do. Subpar facials make it difficult for topicals to actually penetrate the skin, so you’re not getting the full effects of these customized products. A HydraFacial ensures that there is no barrier between the third step (serums) and the skin. This also makes HydraFacials an excellent add-on to other treatments such as microneedling and dermaplaning.

The HydraFacial is quick enough to make it a lunchtime appointment and a great choice for a treatment to do with others. Book your appointment for Father’s Day, as a graduation gift, or simply to get ready for the summer months. Results are immediate and can last for weeks. With no downtime and no post-HydraFacial care, you can enjoy a luxurious pampering and instant skin rejuvenation in just half an hour.

Taking Facials to the Next Level

A “facial” can mean a lot of things, from DIY home treatments using what you find in the kitchen to thousand-dollar so-called “luxe” creams found in department stores. However, nothing compares to medical-grade products and that should be the only thing used in a HydraFacial. These products legally contain the active and powerful ingredients in higher concentration than what you can find anywhere else. They are also only available from certain expert providers, so you won’t find them in stores.

Medical-grade products are better, more powerful, and can help you achieve the results you want. Whether you’re trying to minimize hyperpigmentation, reduce lines and wrinkles, or want tighter and brighter skin, we have the right medical-grade products for your needs. It’s always best to apply these products immediately after steps one and two of a HydraFacial when the skin is most “open,” clean, and ready to receive them. However, using these products daily as part of your regimen is also essential to sustain these results. You can purchase and take home your own customized skin care products to maintain your results even longer.

No two HydraFacial sessions are the same since every appointment is customized just for you. This isn’t a one size fits all facial, but individualized for your skin needs at the moment. Our skin is the largest organ we have and its needs are always changing. As we enter the summer months, you may notice your skin is more oily, dry, or breaking out more often, or perhaps the past year of stress is finally starting to show. A HydraFacial can be corrective and get you on track to revitalization.

Booking Your HydraFacial

We offer complimentary consultations on all cosmetic treatments, but most clients don’t opt for a consult for HydraFacial—it’s that gentle and popular! You can even start scheduling your bookings throughout the summer and indulge every month in the ultimate in skin care. It’s just three steps to skin you’ll love.

Book your HydraFacial appointment with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today by calling the office or simply complete the online form.

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