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Comprehensive Review of Microneedling Results

Comprehensive Review of Microneedling Results | Palo Alto Laser

A comprehensive review of microneedling conducted by the American Society for Dermatological Surgery calls the treatment a “relatively new treatment option in dermatology,” but, in reality, the first microneedling treatment took place well over 100 years ago. It has long been one of the most popular treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. However, it is clear what the study meant: microneedling, as we know it today, is relatively new, and the technology and techniques are always evolving.

The research goes on to describe how microneedling is often used for skin rejuvenation, reducing surgical scars, treating melasma, reducing enlarged pore, and treating a variety of hyperpigmentation lesions. The author says, the significant increase in minimally invasive procedures that has been reported over the past several years suggests that microneedling may occupy a specific niche for patients who desire measurable clinical results from treatments with little to no recovery.

Study Results

The goal of the review was to pore over various published medical literature related to microneedling in order to create a “practical guide.” The authors used PubMed to find the literature and considered a myriad of factors such as pretreatment recommendations, treatment endpoints, and post “operative” remarks. The findings were (pleasantly) unsurprising.

According to the research, microneedling was shown to lead to “substantial clinical improvement” of a variety of issues with a quick recovery and virtually no side effects. This was credited to the enhanced collagen production. Ultimately, the authors state that microneedling is “safe, minimally invasive, and effective” for several concerns like acne, scarring, striae, and rhytids. “Microneedling is a valuable alternative to more invasive procedures,” authors claim.

Advances in Microneedling

We have come a long way from the turn of the last century when microneedling was used almost exclusively to treat severe scarring. Today, Aquagold is the new “gold” standard in microneedling, taking the technique to the next level. The aptly named technology uses 24-carat gold-plated systems to perfectly access the correct depth of the dermis for maximum results.

Aquagold uses a single, disposable applicator that can be filled with products hand-selected for the clients needs. This might include vitamins, enzymes, or hyaluronic acid (HA), to name just a few of the most popular requests. Then, those topicals are also applied to the surface of the skin. The best part? An entire Aquagold treatment takes less than 20 minutes in most cases (more if the client is undergoing several treatment sites).

A New Era in Microneedling

We know how microneedling works (by kick-starting collagen production), but the precision of the device to deliver microneedling can make a big difference in both experience and results. In the past, most microneedling devices used fairly standard needles, though they were selected to be the right length and depth for solid collagen production. Aquagold has the capacity to deliver more injections at once to make the process efficient and more comfortable. Every device has 20 gold-plated needles that are thinner than a strand of human hair.

Plus, in the past, microneedling did not have the ability to deliver ingredients at the same time that microneedling was taking place. Aquagold allows for materials to be directly delivered into the skin via a screw-thread needle tech. This ensures that the ingredients are delivered before the tiny micro-channels begin to close. This procedure can offer skin that is smoother, clearer, and brighter with minimal discomfort.

Getting Your Aquagold

You can also combine Aquagold with other treatments, such as a HydraFacial. Most clients opt for monthly Aquagold treatments in order to keep the results that they love. With virtually no downtime, Aquagold easily fits into even the busiest of schedules. If you are looking for a solution that is quick, easy, effective, and combines treatments for the best results, it’s time to try out Aquagold for yourself.

Zuzana Likar trains every staff member to the highest of standards because we know that the skill of the provider is just as important as the treatment. To learn more about Aquagold, schedule your complimentary consultation or appointment today. Call Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care during business hours, or fill out the online form now for the quickest response.

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