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Hydroquinone Preps the Skin for Laser Treatments

Hydroquinone Preps the Skin for Laser Treatments | Palo Alto Laser

How you prepare your skin for laser skin rejuvenation—or don’t—can play a big role in the outcome. At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, we are proud to serve as your laser specialists. Much more than a medical day spa, we are home to the largest suite of lasers in the region so that you always have access to the best, safest, and most effective treatments. Zuzana Likar trains her staff to the highest of standards, and we offer complimentary consultations on all treatments.

You might have read that virtually no preparation is necessary for laser skin rejuvenation, but the emphasis is on “necessary.” While prep might not be required, it is certainly recommended by laser experts like Likar. In fact, using just a product with Hydroquinone like Obagi Nuderm prior to your appointment can dramatically improve laser results and diminish any downtime.

The Importance of Skin Care with Laser Resurfacing

There’s no denying the importance of good medical-grade skin care no matter what treatments you undertake, but having the right regimen is especially critical before and after laser treatments. Obagi Nuderm is the product recommended by Likar, and is available by prescription only. We are available to provide your prescription following a short consultation. If you want the best results following your laser treatment, Obagi Nuderm is a must.

However, the right skin care is essential even if laser skin resurfacing isn’t part of your plans. A recent study has shown that proper skin care, particularly moisturizing, has been linked to a lower risk of dementia. Considering that the skin is an organ, albeit an external one, it’s not so surprising that its health is connected to your holistic system.

Hydroquinone Skin Care for Better Health

Most people think moisturizing the skin is just to help it from getting dry. However, University of California, San Francisco researchers say there are many more benefits to this Hydroquinone staple product. According to their findings, age-damaged skin may be a factor in age-related health issues including dementia and heart disease. The full report is available in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Scientists worked with older patients at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Health System and found that “inflamm-aging” was common. This refers to older adults having “chronic, subclinical systemic inflammation,” which is linked to type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis. But why is this happening? It comes down to cytokines, the small proteins your body releases via the immune system to signal damaged skin inflammation.

The Skin and the Aging Process

Cytokines aren’t very harmful in small doses, but if enough accumulates in the circulatory system then “inflamm-aging” occurs. This is a risk everyone faces, but older adults are more vulnerable simply because their skin is more likely to be damaged. However, there is good news. The researchers discovered that seniors using three milliliters of moisturizer twice per day had “significantly fewer cytokines,” which means a lower risk of chronic illnesses and diseases.

This information isn’t entirely new. The lead researcher notes that it has “long been understood that inflammatory markers are associated with pathological changes associated with aging.” However, what is somewhat marvel is the idea that something as accessible and simple as a proper skin care routine can address and reverse it.

Skin Prep Can Help: Hydroquinone

Our skin isn’t just an organ, it’s also the primary barrier between ourselves and the environment. However, our skin is often overlooked—it’s rarely addressed at the GP. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and more delicate. It’s important for everyone of every age to have a skin care routine that involves moisturizing, but it’s especially critical for older adults.

However, moisturizing can be just one part of a proper skin care regimen. Cleansers, exfoliators, and specialized serums can also help keep skin healthy and youthful. And, if you are considering an in-office treatment like laser skin rejuvenation, particular products can help to prep and safeguard the skin through these treatments. No matter your current regimen, upgrading to the right medical-grade products will make all the difference. Schedule your complimentary consultation for a skin care regimen, laser resurfacing, or other treatment today by calling Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, or simply complete the online contact form.

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